Ultima® rolls have been developed to replace outdated SGA/SGP grades used in intermediate stands and to compliment the increasing use of carbide rings at the finishing stands of rod and bar mills. The working zone of Ultima® roll consists of highly alloyed martensitic structure with a carefully controlled dispersion of high hardness carbides. The complex carbides found in Ultima® rolls exhibit high hardness (up to 3000 HV), and differ significantly from the carbides present in conventional cast iron rolls. The hardness level of all Ultima® variations can be adjusted - from 65 ShC up to 85 ShC (714 to 830 Ld.) - to fit actual mill requirements. The core and necks consist of high strength nodular cast iron with typical neck hardness of 45 +- 3 ShC.

APPLICATION (Pre-) Finishing Rod & Bar - Dog Bone,Slitting & Notching Light Sections Oval & Round Passes in Intermediate Stands Oval & Round Passes for Special Steel (Automotive) Oval & Round & Flats with Excellent Surface Finishing
C%     1.5 - 3.5    
Si%     Up to 2    
Mn%     Up to 1    
Ni%     Up to 5    
Cr% + Mo% + W%     2 - 15    
Ti% + V% + Nb%     2 - 5    

*Hardness is complex combination of chemical and heat treatment. For production, we need a range of 5 ShC which needs to be specified in the roll order.

Our technical team can help to determine the most suitable grade, degree of hardness and manufacturing method to meet with individual mill conditions and specifications.

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