THERMA™ is a Nodular (Spheroidal) Cast iron, alloyed with Cr-Ni-Mo and heat-treated to produce a fine Ferritic/Pearlitic structure characterised by Bulls-Eye type Graphite with a Ferrite rim. It provides a combination of high strength with excellent thermal characteristics to solve the problems of thermal failure and heavy fire-cracking in roughing and intermediate stands.



C: 3-3.5%

Ni: 3-5%

Cr + Mo: <3%

Bloom and Billet Mills, Roughing Stands
of all Long Product Mills
and Seamless Mills
HSc 40-55
Tensile Strength MPa 600-950
Bending Strength MPa 1050-1300
Modulus of Elasticity GPa  180-200

The hardness adjustment is obtained during a complex heat treatment process. 
For production, we need a range of 5 ShC which needs to be specified in the roll order.

Our technical team can help to determine the most suitable grade, degree of hardness and manufacturing method to meet with individual mill conditions and specifications.

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