About BRC


BRC has a global footprint, serving the steel industry across 60 countries. Based in Singapore, BRC is known for its quality, technical expertise, and service.

BRC is dedicated to delivering reliable customised solutions worldwide. Our distinctive position as an engineering and solutions company enables us to focus on the customisation of high-quality products and services for steel and related industries.

Products and Services: Our product range includes cast (centrifugal and static), forged, and sintered products for diverse applications. We deliver customised technical and commercial solutions to meet our customers' unique needs.

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Pioneering a Greener World

Our commitment to sustainable future
with our joint manufacturing partner SanXin foundry

Corporate Milestones


As we reflect on BRC's journey from its inception in 1989 to the present, a narrative of growth, international expansion, and strategic partnerships unfolds. These milestones not only chronicle our achievements but also underscore the essence of our commitment to excellence, global outreach, and collaborative ventures.

Over the years, BRC has evolved from a pioneering idea to connect China with the world in the steel industry. Now, it stands as a global steel industry supplier with a presence across the globe. Strategic decisions made at each juncture reflect our reliability and relatability as partners of the industry in the journey of global economic development and progress.


Founded with a conviction and a mission
British Rollmakers (China) Ltd. was born with a conviction in the pivotal role of the steel industry in global economic development. Established in Hong Kong, our mission was clear—to equip the world with the most reliable rolls and supplies.


Breakthrough in China 
We had the foresight that China would become the world’s leading steel superpower. Hence, we invested in supplying the Chinese industry early and achieved sales of U.K.-made rolls in the country. It marked a significant entry into a then-nascent market and industry.


Global vision and relationships

  • We focused on developing and investing in a global footprint, driven by our vision of connecting China and the world. 
  • BRC is an amalgamation of our global name and brand, symbolising our recognition of the worldwide impact of the steel industry and our commitment to supply it with the best products, services, and solutions.
  • The successful sale of Chinese rolls to the U.K. marked another significant milestone. It demonstrated the exceptional quality of our products, reinforcing BRC's ability to deliver excellence on a global scale.


Global super-connector 
We focused on forging relationships with mills and foundries worldwide, further increased our customer base globally, and expanded manufacturing sources to America and Austria.


Core principles built on technical excellence

  • The establishment of the Global Technical Centre of Excellence in Crewe, U.K., to focus on research and development, and technical service to global customers.
  • A manufacturing and operations centre was established in Tianjin, China, emphasising our commitment to advancing roll-manufacturing technology.
  • We pioneered the China Roll Institute and Annual Industry Meeting, asserting BRC's status as a global technical and industry leader.


Significant headway in the Americas and Europe

  • Expansion into Mexico, North America, and Peru bolstered our presence in the Americas.
  • Strategic offices were set up across Europe to further strengthen our European market reach.


Operational optimisation
BRC moved the Manufacturing & Operations Centre to Changzhou in a bid to expand our product portfolio and focus on efficiency, precision engineering, and quality assurance.


Global Technical Centre of Excellence in Europe

  • We established the second Global Technical Centre of Excellence in Pongau, Austria, reaffirming our commitment to European standards.
  • The BRC Global Roll Institute was inaugurated. It was designed to train and educate both internal and external stakeholders, providing valuable insights into mill applications and roll management.
  • We merged the technical expertise of Austria and the U.K. to shape BRC’s manufacturing DNA today.


Material science innovations as key value drivers
A decade of European-driven material development culminated in the introduction of Bite, Dura, Therma, Prime, Optima, Maxima, and Ultima material grades, exemplifying our dedication to superior quality, usability, and performance.


Impactful successes in emerging Asia

  • Our commitment to the Indian subcontinent was reinforced with the launch of a strategic office in India.
  • We fortified our presence in the MENA markets with the infusion of regional expertise.


Laying the foundation for a new world
We established our new global Head Office in Singapore, solidifying BRC's commitment to think, operate, and invest globally.

The story does not end here. BRC is in a continuous evolution, and with each milestone, we pave the way for a future that builds on the strong foundations laid throughout our journey. Our commitment remains unwavering—providing solutions you can rely on.