BRC Pioneers 'Steel Packaging' ®
to help protect and sustain the environment

Patent No.

Patent dated: 29/08/2007

Since 2007, we have innovatively engineered steel skids for packaging our products. Compared to traditional wooden skids, steel skids not only reduce the impact of deforestation, but also offer greater production for rolls during transportation & delivery.

BRC Steel Packaging® enables vertical roll-stacking which reduces the space required for transport and storage and simplifies the logistics process from foundry to mill.

Unlike wooden counterpart, steel packaging does not need to undergo fumigation treatment and verification for international shipments, saving time at key phases of transportation as well as lead time for delivery.

We are extremely committed to environmental responsibility. All our steel skids are reusable and recyclable. They can be used to store rolls at our customers' mills, and can be easily melted back to scrap.

Since introducing Steel Packaging® to the market, many mills now specify the patented BRC packaging standard - a convincing testimonial to our ground-breaking design and furthers our commitment to providing environmentally friendly products.

We are delighted to be the pioneering the industry in greening-our-world.