MAXIMA® contains micro alloy elements including Boron, Vanadium and Niobium as finely precipitated carbides within the matrix. The fine carbides increase wear resistance without changing the basic features of the roll material. Developed for mills that can benefit from improved performance compared to using OPTIMA® in roughing and intermediate stands or as an alternative in finishing stands that are not suited to using high performance ULTIMA®



C:  3.0 - 4.0%

Ni:  2.5 - 4.0%

Cr + Mo + W:  2%

Ti + V + Nb:  2%

Rod and Bar
Roughing and Intermediate
Rod and Bar
Intermediate and
Finishing Stands,
Light Sections,
Seamless Tube Mills
Rod and Bar
Finishing Stands
Flat Passes and
Narrow Flats
Rod and Bar
Finishing Stands,
Rounds, Flat Passes
and Narrow Flats,
Light Section
Rings for Seamless
Tube Mills
Vertical Rings for
Universal Mills
Horizontal Sleeves for
Universal Mills
HSc 55-70 60-75 65-80 70-85 65-75 60-75 60-75
Tensile Strength MPa 400-600 500-700 200-400 600-800 150-250 550-750 550-750
Bending Strength MPa 800-1000 800-1000 300-400 800-1000 350-500 700-900 700-900
Modulus of Elasticity GPa 160-180 160-170 170-190 190-210 170-190 215-225 215-225

The hardness adjustment is obtained during a complex heat treatment process. For production, we need a range of 5 ShC which needs to be specified in the roll order.

Our technical team can help to determine the most suitable grade, degree of hardness and manufacturing method to meet with individual mill conditions and specifications.